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Our Alternative learning center provides a variety of academic learning programs including, Day School, Night School, APEX Recovery School, Success Lab, and Targeted Services, to enrolled high school students throughout the year.

ALC provides a structured learning environment that addresses the various needs of students, whether it be mental or physical health, substance abuse, adequate nutrition or housing. RALC is about eliminating barriers for students and helping them work towards earning credits towards their high school diploma.

Instruction in our school is designed to meet individual student learning styles, as well as, each student's social and emotional needs.  Teachers focus on building connections with each student and focus on vocational and career skills, including independent study options. Our school success is made possible with the help of a variety of community, county, and state partnerships that provide additional support and resources.


Invest in the future.

Explore options for the future through our Partnership with RCTC.

Day or Night school is still an option.

Our ALC offers both Day and Night School to offer an education to students.

Credits add up.

RALC offers credit recovery during the school year and in the summer.

Extend learning beyond the school day.

A variety of after school programs are available to help continue to point students in the right direction.

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