Alternative Learning Options

Our alternative learning options use non-traditional methods to help learners achieve academic and learning skills. We incorporate trade and vocational skills in the student's learning plan and provide career exploration and work experience opportunities. Our staff helps students make the transition back to mainstream schools of higher education and to the workplace. We believe in assistance both inside and outside of the classroom, by helping students in coping with with personal crises and move on to academic and social growth.

Can I enroll in one of the ALC Programs?

To enroll in any of the ALC programs, a student must meet at least one of the listed High School graduation incentives:

  • perform substantially below grade level
  • behind in credits for graduation
  • pregnant or parenting
  • have experienced physical or sexual abuse
  • chemically dependent
  • have mental health problems
  • have been homeless recently
  • have withdrawn from school or been chronically truant
  • speak English as a second language or have limited English proficiency


Students gathered in a classroom with faculty/staff.
Students gathered in a classroom with faculty/staff.
The corner of a classroom with a chalkboard wall that reads %22No Drug Zone.%22
Students gathered in a classroom.