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APEX Recovery School offers a school community of support for students in recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders up to age 21. Not all of our students are in recovery, we also support students with familial ties to recovery.

APEX is a choice program. Students must choose to be a part of our community and can not be forced to enroll by parents, guardians, law enforcement, etc. Any student who chooses to join APEX must be committed to a sober education.

Research has shown that adolescents attending Recovery High Schools are four times more likely than Non-Recovery High School students to report complete abstinence from alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. Recovery High Schools also report less absenteeism.

APEX is the only Recovery High School in Southeastern Minnesota, and one of six Recovery Schools in Minnesota.

APEX strives to meet the needs of every student. We offer:

  • Service to high school students up to age 21
  • 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio
  • A Program Chemical Health Specialist
  • Individual and group recovery sessions
  • On-site mental health services
  • Collaboration with student’s support team
  • A flexible learning model

How do I enroll, and how does the enrollment process work?

APEX Recovery School currently utilizes a referral process. 

  1. Start by calling our APEX Chemical Health Specialist at (507) 328-3988 to receive more information and set up a tour of the facilities.
  2. Then the enrolling student will need to call the Chemical Health Specialist to complete a phone interview and determine eligibility.
  3. If the enrolling student is eligible for APEX, an intake meeting will be scheduled with the student and a support team including parents, guardians, probation, social workers, therapist, etc.
  4. The student's intake meeting will be held at APEX. During this meeting, the student's transcript and credits will be examined and program expectations are reviewed with both the student and support team. After all paperwork has been completed, a start date will be set.
  5. Official paperwork will need to be submitted and filed by the student's parent and/or guardian prior to the start date.


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